Consultancy 360°


  • Search and properties research

With offices in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon, we provide an independent consultancy focused on the investor/buyer, through the main companies in the Portuguese real estate market and developers. 

Our research starts with meetings where we collect informations with customers and present the best personalized opportunities, coordinating budget and quality. 

We have access to the entire Portuguese real estate market, and we operate with total independence, valuing the best deal for the needs of each client, whether for investment, business or housing. 

  • Opening a bank account 

We support and facilitate the entire process of opening and maintaining bank accounts. 

We work with the best banks in the international market, seeking the best solutions, and lowest interest rates for real estate financing according to the needs of the client.

  • Appointment of lawyers 

We have partnerships with specialized law firms in different areas and services, to better meet the client’s demand. 

Support in contractual drafts and real estate deeds, Golden Visa, nationalities, repatriations, corporate law, … Or any other legal service required by the client. 

  • Indication of accountant 

We work in partnership with accounting firms to meet not only the personal but professional demands of our clients in Portugal. 

Example of services: income tax for individuals and companies, organized accounting for companies, specific solutions for local accommodation benefits, and others. 

  • Shipping remittances

We have an independent and exchange-focused area. We work with the largest foreign exchange banks to facilitate remittance shipments and close international businesses efficiently and at low costs. 

  • Opening of TIN and Tax Representation

We open the TIN and Tax Representation of our customers (mandatory requirement for the acquisition of real estate, opening accounts, opening activities – ex: local accommodation, insurance, etc …) 

  • Compulsory insurance

To better help and advise our clients, since home, car, life (in case of housing credit) and health (in case of residence visa) insurance are mandatory in Portugal, we have a partnership with insurance companies providing better conditions and exclusive service.


  • Decoration service

With a low cost, we maintain a differentiated decoration pattern, so that the property is more scalable than the others on the market. We take care of everything: design, purchasing, transportation and assembly. 

  • Monitoring of small works

We recommend trusted or preferred professionals for such services. 

Support and monitoring of small works and renovations. 

  • Facilities (electricity, water, internet) 

We install and / or change ownership of your property: energy, water, gas, internet … 

Short-term administration (Short-Rental / AL): 

Short-Rental service performed by our partners.

  • Long-term administration

Property management service, whether it is for the client’s own use or rented to third parties. 

We give full support to issues that may occur along the route, with the services of plumbers, electricians, bricklayers … 

We recommend security solutions and services, if the owner so desires. Note: basic water, electricity, internet facilities already included in the price … 

  • Rental contract support

We have legal support to deal with the greater security of your property rental agreement.