We offer our customers the consortium solution, with personalized service and complete advice in all stages of the process, from purchase to contemplation, which is one of our main differentials. 

The consortium is the smartest way to purchase real estate in installments, a collaborative way to save money in groups. It is a planned purchase system that brings together people who want to purchase a good or service through “self-financing”. 

In the consortium you pay a lower monthly installment than the financing conventional, since there are no interest charges. It is a safe investment and the most economical way for you to carry out your plans. 

Its advantages are the non-collection of interest and entry, monthly chance of contemplation, reduced installment plans, annual adjustment by the INCC, possibility of using FGTS, flexibility to use credit, better financial planning and security. 

Its process involves: Choice of credit, assembly, contemplation and use of credit. The credit can be used for renovation and construction, real estate retirement, purchase of commercial real estate, purchase of apartment or house, as well as, for investments.